7 Reasons Why The Fair Isle knitting Is Popular.

Fair Isle Knitting is one of the most dynamic knitting methods in the world. This process is used to make some of the most astounding and stylish sweaters, hats, scarves and blankets that people can wear. The following material will explore the method of Fair Isle Knitting and 7 reasons why it’s very popular with knitting enthusiasts.

The Fair Isle Knitting Method Makes Dynamic Clothing

The clothing style that is derived from Fair Isle Knitting method is very colourful, bold and uniquely original. The clothing style that is derived from this knitting style is unlike any other kind in the world. The patterns are bold and extremely eye catching.

Once a person sports a sweater or knitted pair of socks that has been designed with this method, people will know it. This style of clothing looks like it has been created by hand and not from some manufacturing company. While the Fair Isle style is eye-catching. It is also a conservative look that works well in casual and semi-casual settings.

The Historical Significance of this Knitting Method cannot be Denied

If you’re a person that knits as a way of life, you would know the historical significance of the methods that you use. The Fair Isle style is derived from the Northern Scottish island that has the same name. This island is also a part of the Shetland Islands which is an important historical place for the Scottish people.

Fair Isle knitting was created in this region. Many of the people who wore this clothing were usually from the upper classes of medieval society. The tailors and weavers of the day made clothing that was functional against the low temperatures and it also distinguished the upper classes from the rest of the population.

This style of knitting became very popular when Prince HRH Edward sported the look in the early 1900s. Since that time, many people in Scotland and around the world have come to know about the Fair Isle style.

This Clothing Style is very Warm

The Fair Isle style is very warm. Since knitted clothing is primarily worn in cold weather climates, it would only make sense that this style of clothing would be designed to protect people from the elements. Fair Isle style of clothing will keep people warm in the snow and even in sub-zero environments.

Knitters can Master this Style within a short amount of Time

The Fair Isle knitting style is not hard to master for experienced knitters. This is another reason why knitters love this style so much. One hand is generally used to knit one colour while the other hand can weave an alternative hue. This style uses alternate stitching and patterns. Once a knitter learns the Fair Isle style they can create some truly amazing clothing styles.

Fair Isle Knitting Provides an Exclusive Look

The Fair Isle knitting style has always been associated with the upper-class look. Since this look was first created for the upper-class members of society, the look has always seemed to remain a part of that clothing style. Fair Isle clothing has not caught on with the masses and many people who appreciate the look enjoy this fact that it is exclusive to people who understand style and good taste. Fair Isle Kal is an alternative look for the Fair Isle style.

This Knitting Style is Perfect for the Winter Holidays

The Fair Isle style is a perfect look for the Christmas and winter holidays. The patterns have a festive look that makes them the perfect style of clothing for the Christmas season. Once again, Fair Isle clothing pieces consist of sweaters, hats and knitted socks. These items are generally worn during the winter months. So, the Fair Isle style is perfect for that time of the year.

Knitters can Create their own Style

The number one reason why knitters probably like this style of clothing so much has to do with their ability to create their own unique Fair Isle patterns. That is probably the best thing about this look. Once a knitter understands how to create the patterns they can simply implement it in the clothing pieces that they make. Having this knowledge gives knitters the ability to make a wide variety of Fair Isle clothing that is virtually unlimited in design and appearance.

Truthfully, the Fair Isle knitting style should be mastered by anyone who works with yarn to make their own clothing. This knitting process should be included in their repertoire of knitting styles. Ultimately, these are the 7 reasons why Fair Isle knitting is so popular and has such a great look.