About US

Hi, I’m Eva and welcome to my creative-knits website.

I have been knitting nearly all of my life. When I was a teenager (which seems like a lifetime ago) I had only hand-knitted jumpers, jackets and accessories. Growing up in Germany meant you needed heaps of them. I also have been knitting for all my family members (I come from a large family with 7 children) and some friends. But I didn’t start out with a career in textiles. Instead, I become a technical drafter first but knew very soon that this wouldn’t be my career for the rest of my life.

To make a long story short, my passion and enthusiasm for textiles have motivated me to further my studies, culminating in a textile design degree in Germany.

Immigrating to Australia in 1986, I have worked initially for a number of years in the knitwear industry, designing knitwear for a company in Melbourne. Thereafter I set out on my own to explore “The Art of Painting on Silk”, which has been another passion of mine since being introduced to this wonderful medium during my Textile Design studies (1979-1983).

But knitting remained a big part of my life and now I want to experiment with knitting stitches again. Knitting is such a beautiful craft to be creative with. I love mixing colours, different types of yarns and experimenting with different knitting techniques. The possibilities are really endless. My aim is to spread the word that knitting is a beautiful hobby for anybody; gender or age are no restrictions.

In addition, because there are only two basic knitting stitches, it is really easy to learn.

Please come back to my site as I will be adding to it constantly.

Much Love

Eva Maria Steinkamp