Easy Knitting Lessons

Knitting is a great and easy-to-learn activity that you can do especially around the holidays. If you are new to knitting, it is not so difficult to learn. There are plenty of great articles on our website which address knitting for beginners. There are also different and simple knitting ideas which you can follow for an easy scarf pattern, for example, if you are in the mood to make a scarf for yourself or someone. Knitting is all about being adventurous and learning new knitting patterns.

There are some basics steps that you need to learn before you move on to choosing a simple pattern for your knitting.

  1. If you are new to knitting you need to know the basic tools you will need: knitting needles and yarn.
  2. You need to learn how to knit and purl and the differences between these two. These are the two basic knit stitches that you have to master if you want to learn how to knit.
  3. Once you have the basics of knitting and purling down, you will now be able to learn other, more advanced stitches such as seed stitch, moss stitch, garter stitch, stockinette stitch and ribbing. These are all variations of the knit and purl basic stitches and take some time and patience to learn. Continue reading down below for some easy knitting patterns.
  4. Easy Scarf Pattern

For this, you will need a size 11 needle and any yarn you please. The thicker the yarn the better as you’ll get a nice cosy scarf from that. The other great thing about this pattern is that you can play around with different designs from a straight scarf to an infinity scarf. To turn the straight design into an infinity scarf all you have to do is bind it after about 35-40 inches. Now for the pattern, cast 20 stitches onto your needle. From here there are 2 different rows that you need to master and repeat until you reach a length of about 35-40 inches. Insert your needle into the first stitch, knit three times and purl once and then knit thrice again. Repeat this sequence (P1, K3) until you reach the end of the row. Knit once before starting your second row. Start the second row which starts with inserting your needle into the first stitch. From here knit once and then repeat the sequence described above (P4, K3). However, in the second row only do this until you reach the last three sets then purl once and knit thrice and you are done. Repeat these two rows to the end.

Either finish with a regular bind off to make a straight scarf or seam the two ends together to make an infinity scarf.

  1. Easy Baby Blanket Pattern

For this, you will need basic knowledge of a knit stitch. You don’t have to count stitches and you don’t have to purl. You will also need stitching needles and yarn. Be sure to use a yarn that is easy to wash and has a good stretch in it. Additionally, you can use as many colours as you would like, or just one plain colour is fine. We recommend 5-7 colours if you choose to use colours. You will need a size 7 needle for this as well as yarn which should be approximately 100m in length per piece. Start with casting 120 stitches onto the needle. Knit an entire row until you have reached the end of your piece of yarn. Now is the time to switch to a different colour. Once you have reached the end start a new row with a new colour or continue with the same colour. It’s okay if you use one colour the blanket will still look pretty. White or grey is a good colour to use if you are using just one colour. Repeat again with a different colour or the same one 5-7 times. Of course, if you use fewer colours or you choose to use one colour five times then the blanket will be smaller in size than if you use more colours or use one colour more times.

Learn the basic knitting patterns described above and you will find a great with a beautiful handmade knit gift for yourself or a loved one. Another plus is that once you master the simple patterns above you can move on to different patterns, this is only a starting point to get you well acquainted with knitting.