Why it is essential that your Yarn is Colorfast?

The holiday season is right around the corner, and it’s time for all of us to take our knitting needles and our crochets to knit something beautiful. The simple stitches of a yarn making beautiful patterns and graceful dresses are as pleasant to the eye as they’re relaxing to make. However, this feeling of peace can turn sour with just one element. The yarn is not colourfast.

If your yarn is not colourfast, the colour will bleed out of the garment as soon as you try to wash it. This will not only make them dull in appearance but will also ruin the fabric altogether.

The top reasons you need to invest in a colourfast yarn

Here are a few things to keep in mind if your yarn is not colourfast,

  1. Your clothes won’t look so bright anymore

Imagine that you knit a multi-coloured sweater for yourself and wish to wear it throughout the holidays. But the moment you put it in the washer, all of the colour bled out of it and you’re left with nothing but a sweater that looks several years older than it already is.

If your yarn is not colourfast, it doesn’t lock in the dye in its threads will enough which makes the colour bleed. This will, therefore, result in loss of shine, and premature dullness in your clothes.

  1. Your fabric won’t be so soft anymore

The most fun part of knitting is feeling the softness of the yarn against your skin. Most dyes are artificial and thus, also ruin the fabric in the process of bleeding. When you wash the garments made of out the yarn that is not colourfast again and again, not only does the colour become dull, but the fabric also loses its softness.

  1. Multicoloured garment

If you’re using yarns of multiple colours to knit a garment, the colours will bleed right into each other the moment you set them in the water to wash. If the yarn is not colourfast, the colours may also build onto other pieces of your laundry, if you’ve put them together in the machine.

Therefore, it is essential to choose your yarn which is colorfast, thus protecting all your knitted goodness.

The top tips to keep in mind

Here are a few tips that you need to keep in mind to know if your yarn is not colourfast.

  1. Fabric of the yarn

Depending on the type of material your yarn is made of, it may or may not be colorfast. For example, an acrylic-based yarn, more often than not, is colorfast. But you need to make sure to not soak it in the acidulated water otherwise it’ll bleed. Apart from acrylic, the commercially made woollen yarn is also colorfast.

However, hand-dye or food grade dyes are less likely to be colorfast as compared to acid based dye. Most likely, a cotton yarn or a cotton/poly blend yarn is not colourfast and will always bleed a little.

  1. Colour of the yarn


No matter what fabric the yarn is made of, there are a few colours which bleed a little for sure, if not much. Colours like red and its blends, for example, orange and purple bleed at all times. Blue and black dyes also bleed when soaked in the water.

  1. Make your yarn


If your yarn is not colourfast, do not worry – there is a way out. Before you start with your knitting, you can prepare a vinegar bath and soak your yarn in it for a while to lock in the dye.

For this process, first, you have to skein your yarn to make sure all of it will be well soaked in the bath. Now, you have to mix half a cup of salt and 8 cups of water in a bowl and mix it well.

You can then mix in a cup of vinegar in the bowl and soak your skeined yarn for about 20 minutes. This will lock in the dye in your yarn and bleed out any excess colour, if present. After soaking, you can rinse the yarn with hot water until it runs clear and air dry it later on.

No need to worry if a yarn is not colourfast. It’s time to go knit!